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Promotional Hop on Hop Off Hours 

Thursdays 12:00 - 5:30pm ONLY

BELLE 2021.jpg

The Schedule & What to Expect

***Under current Covid-19 restrictions, crusies are limited to 20 passengers until further notice***

Boat Runs like this on Thursday's Only.Times may vary by a few minutes

The Schedule:

1st Stop Court House Dock/Barking Crab

Arrive 12:00pm - Departs 12:05pm

2nd Stop Water Taxi Stop #8 Old Whiskey Priest 

(from construction site face the water, dock is on left, directly accross from World Trade Center)

Arrive 12:15pm - Depart 12:20pm 

3rd Stop Tony C's/Legal's Harbor Side

Arrive 12:30pm - Depart 12:35pm

Quick Stop Lewis Mall Harbor Park East Boston

Arrive 12:50pm 

4th Stop Reel House East Boston

Arrive 12:55pm - Depart 1:00pm

Quick Stop Water Taxi Stop #48 Charlestown

Arrive 1:10pm 

5th Stop Love Joy Wharf/Night Shift Brewery/TD Garden

Arrive 1:20 - Depart 1:25pm

6th and Final Stop Court House Dock/Barking Crab

Arrive 1:40pm (if you stayed on the boat for the whole loop, this is where you get off!)

What to Expect:

Tickets are $20 per person.

If you stay on the boat you are limited to one 2 hour loop.

Tickets Valid on Thursday date of purchase only.

Tickets are non-refundable



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